At the time of the golden age of the pipe, Brulor was one of the many old brands established in Paris and was distributed in the tobacconists in the French capital and everywhere in France. The Brulor brand was created before the WWII by Mr Brulois, wholesaler established in Paris. These Brulor pipes were manufactured, among others, by the Ropp, Jeantet and Charles Hecht factories in Saint-Claude.

The activity of Brulor pipes has stopped at the end of the 1950s.
All the pipes on this site come from the old Brulor stock, which was found after 60 years in an attic.

This brand is not very well known outside France, because it has been forgotten for a long time, and was sold only in France.

So they are very old pipes, over 60 years, and the briar had time to dry during all these years. They’re cheap pipes, but they smoke very well.



It is quite rare to see old pipes in their original condition and packaging, as they left the factories, packed in vintage boxes, and each pipe themselves packed in paper, which after 60 years, begins to crumble.

A beautiful testimony of the pipemaking history.



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